Before and After: Bamboo Floors Revealed

This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Back in March of 2016, we had a major plumbing issue. I mean, MAJOR. So bad that it was laughable (after the fact, of course). We discovered that there was a clog in our clean out pipe that was a ticking time bomb. Basically, the clean out pipe is the main pipe that carries all of the grey water (toilet, shower, sinks, etc.) from the house out to the city water pipes. We found out that when the plumbing was laid 20 years ago during the home's construction, the correct sized pipes were not used. This allowed for tree roots to grow into the seams of the pipes which contributed to the clog.

The clog was at the lowest point in the pipe configuration. That being so, when we turned on the kitchen sink, the clog forced grey water out the next lowest point in the house which happened to be the downstairs toilet. Sparing you all the dirty details, we had grey water damage in the bathroom, foyer, kitchen, the closet under the stairs and the living room.

Since we were dealing with grey water, we also had the damaged area sprayed with antimicrobial disinfectant solution. Fans and dehumidifiers were brought in for several days to pull the moisture out of the foundation to prep for the new floors. 

While the floors were torn up, John went ahead and knocked down the half wall that divided the living room and the kitchen. What a different it makes having that gone! Being able to completely see from the kitchen into the living room really makes this living space an open concept.

Amidst all the concrete dust that covered every inch of our home after the demo, we could finally see what a difference the consistent flooring would make all throughout downstairs. After 3 months of dealing with an open insurance claim, we finally were able to have new floors installed downstairs! 

We went with a 9/16" x 5-1/8" pre-finished bamboo flooring made by Morning Star in the Vintage Java color. They are twice as strong as oak flooring, scratch resistant and feel solid under our feet. Not to mention, the walnut color we chose is a warm brown color with just the right amount of distressing. 

If you have been looking into hardwood floors for your home, consider bamboo as an eco-friendly alternative to oak floors.