Plant Lady Goes to Lowe's

I am a self professed Plant Lady. Much to John's dismay, I can't keep away from at least walking through the garden section at our local Lowe's store (which rounds out to be at least once a week). House plants not only help to cleanse the air but they add personality and life to any room in the house. I try to include at lease one plant in just about every room of the house. Here are 5 of my favorites:

1. Snake Plant. This is a great go-to indoor plant because you can't kill them. I'm serious. I water mine about once a month and it just keeps on living. These plants add great texture to a room design with their tall, sword-like leaves and the variegated green and yellow color is beautiful.


2. Fiddle Leaf Fig. Ah, yes, the oh-so finicky house plant. I have killed a couple of these in my day and I'm sure that you have too. But here's the deal, they really aren't that hard to care for. Here are my 3 secrets to keeping these broad leaf beauties alive and happy: Less water, indirect light, good drainage. That's it! Once a week, stick your plant baby in the kitchen sink and give it a good drink of water and leave it to drain completely. Set it near a window where it gets good indirect light and enjoy! 


3. Pothos. Another easy one to keep happy and alive. These beautiful heart shaped vines grow like weeds and like indirect light. Water once a week in the sink to allow for good drainage. I like to hang mine high on a shelf so that the vines have plenty of room to cascade.


4. Creeping Charlie. This one is near and dear to my heart. Last Spring when my Grandfather passed away, my family and I traveled to Seattle for the funeral and to be with family. My grandparents have had a Creeping Charlie house plant for several decades and it has traveled with them over the years through various moves. I snipped a clipping from their plant and took it home with me as a memento. After a couple weeks sitting in a cup of water on the kitchen window ledge, delicate roots sprouted and before I knew it, the clipping was ready for transplant. It's growing like a weed and very happy in indirect light. I love the tiny scalloped edges!


5. Air Plants. Last but not least, air plants are small and can be displayed in windowsills or on book shelves. They don't need much water at all making them great for those without a green thumb. Either mist them with water every couple of days or soak them in a shallow bowl of water for about 30 minutes once a week.  


One last tip I want to share - if your plant leaves are turning yellow or brown and dropping on the floor, it is likely one of two issues: too much water or too little water. Experiment a little over a couple weeks to see how your plant responds to small watering adjustments. In my case, I was drowning my FLF without knowing it because the  pot did not have adequate drainage (my mom calls this "wet feet").


 While making a house a home takes time and money, house plants are an inexpensive way to add life and personality to your home. Check out your local Lowe's garden department and pick up a couple plants for your home!