2018 Year In Review

2018 Year in Review on homeandhabitatblog.com

Happy New Year! December was a whirlwind with lots of travel to see family, more food than we ever needed to consume, staying up way too late and it all came to a head when I came down with a cold last week. I’m on the mend and, thankfully, John hasn’t been sick yet. We are excited for all that the new year has in store and especially excited to meet our baby girl who is 26 weeks and still growing like a weed in my belly. To say that I have Spring Fever is an understatement!

At the beginning of 2018, I wrote a blog post with five goals for our house that we were going to try to accomplish in the year. If you missed that post, you can go back and read it here. With another year that has come and gone, I wanted to reflect on the past 12 months of house projects that we were able to check off the list as well as a couple things that we haven’t been able to finish quite yet.

In case you missed it, in July, we found out that I was pregnant! Cue the biggest happy dance!!!

But, just a few weeks into the pregnancy, I started experiencing severe morning sickness. I mean, SEVERE. I’ve never been pregnant before so I don’t really know what is typical of morning sickness but, let me tell you, I felt knock down, drag out HORRIBLE from about week 4 up until about week 16 or 18. Sparing you the gross details, I was so sick that I lost 30 pounds in those first 100 days from not being able to keep hardly any food down. I was flat on my back in bed that whole time and feeling so discouraged. I’m so thankful that that hard season has passed.

Since I was sick and couldn’t even think about normal work and chores around the house, the bigger project goals we had planned for the second half of the year were pushed to the back burner, too. While we were able to accomplish a couple of the big projects earlier in the year, we didn’t get around to everything on our list. And that’s totally OK.


We started off the year with a major renovation project: a total renovation of the master bathroom. You can read all about the demo and construction thus far here here and here and watch some behind the scenes highlights saved to my Instagram stories here. This is a total gut job. Remove walls, change the entire lighting plan, move plumbing, replace water damaged wood, all new tile, the whole Nine Yards. We still have a good bit of work to do in the bathroom but we are getting really close to the fun part: paint, finishes and styling. Completing the bathroom renovation is at the top of the priority list for 2019.

It’s been awhile since I walked you through the bathroom progress so here are a few photos to jog your memory:


Building the deck and adding landscaping in the backyard was the second major project we wanted to get done in 2018. Just before I found out that I was pregnant, John and I decided to take a quick break from the bathroom renovation (ha!) to build a large deck in the backyard. Normally, I’m a huge advocate of finishing one thing before starting another project. The deck project seemed different for a couple reasons. We really wanted to be able to enjoy entertaining outdoors for the summer and fall and we knew that John could build the deck in no time (which he built in less than 2 weeks!). We were intentional with landscaping, too, which softens the hard lines of the deck and makes the backyard a really inviting space. When the weather is nice, we use the space as an outdoor living room. More time spent with each other and with friends and family is time well spent.

I still owe you a full deck reveal post - that is coming this Spring when I can get outside to style and photograph everything. In the meantime, here are a couple photos to tease you:


The built in cabinets in the living room did not happen in 2018 but that project will definitely be rolled over to our 2019 list. For the time being, we DIYed some inexpensive shelves to help fill the space along with some oversized art. It’s a temporary solution, but by no means going to stay long term. Here’s a refresher of what we plan to build around our fireplace:


We also did not get around to having new carpet installed upstairs. If it happens before our baby is born in April, great. if not, that’s OK too. We have had our carpets professionally cleaned a few times before and we can easily have them cleaned again before the baby arrives. Just knowing that they are clean even if they don’t look brand new is a perfectly acceptable solution.

We are excited and optimistic for all that 2019 holds! I have a feeling it will be our biggest and busiest year yet. Stay tuned for our home project list for 2019! What are some project goals that you are trying to accomplish this year?

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