5 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

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This time of year, families travel from near and far to celebrate the Holiday’s with loved ones. I don’t know about you, but I love hosting friends and family overnight in our home - I get so much enjoyment out of sharing our home with others. Similar to writing a Thank You note, it’s about going out of your way in an act of service to another person and putting their needs ahead of your own. Its selfless. It’s giving of your time, energy and space. 

I have put together 5 tips for entertaining house guests for the holidays that are practical, budget friendly, and thoughtful that will make a great impression:

1. Fresh linens. My favorite part of staying in a hotel is the bed: the crisp, bright white sheets tucked tight under the mattress; the fluffy, warm duvet blanket folded at the end of the bed; the extra pillows in the closet that are at my disposal. It’s the whole package. That’s the feeling you want your guests to experience when they stay in your home. After all, first impressions are lasting. No one wants to dry off with a worn out, bleach stained brown towel from a home hair dye kit or jump into rumpled, questionably clean sheets. Go the extra mile; wash and dry the sheets (especially if they are brand new), tuck them in tight all around the edges of the bed, give them a quick steam (forget about ironing), give your guests extra blankets, pillows and fresh towels

2. Basket with toiletries and snacks. This is something my mom always does when guests stay with them and it makes such a nice impression. Run to Target or the pharmacy and pick up a couple travel size toiletries such as a tooth brush, tooth paste, contact solution, face wash, deodorant, hand lotion, Q-tips, tampons (ya know), shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor, a couple bottles of water and snacks (such as nuts, chocolate, pretzels, etc.). Maybe even some reading material - a local magazine about your town or a seasonal publication is perfect (I love The Magnolia Journal). Everyone likes to feel pampered and having a little basket of goodies for your guests will make them feel just that! If they forgot to pack anything, they can borrow something from the basket. Place the basket on the bed along with a couple fresh bath towels. 

3. Luggage rack. Optional, but really convenient so that your guests don’t have to crawl around the floor to dig in their luggage. 

4. Remove unnecessary clutter from the room. This is a big one that many people may not think of. Remember that Febreeze commercial when they talked about becoming “nose-blind” to unpleasant smells in your car or home? Well, the same principle applies to the clutter in your home. You may have become metaphorically blind to all the “stuff” that is stashed in the corners, under the bed, in the closets and on the counters. Clear it all out! If it helps you see the mess better, take a photo of the space to look at the room with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Clutter is visual chaos and stress, that which your house guests do not need. 

5. Give your guests the wifi password. A cute way to do this is with a framed sign on the nightstand. Here is a PDF that you can download and edit with your own wifi username and password. Stick it in a frame for the nightstand or dresser.

Are you having family stay at your home this Christmas season? What are some of your traditions? Do you have any favorite memories from years past? I'd so appreciate you sharing in the comments below! 

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