Amazon Finds: Home Decor Round Up

Lately, I have found myself bragging on Amazon to different people for various reasons. It's just hard to beat 2-day free shipping with Prime. Dog food, light bulbs, K-cups, cleaning products, specialty pantry food items, books and electronics are just a few of the things we consistently purchase on Amazon Prime. But possibly my favorite use for Amazon is that they, surprisingly, have a fantastic variety of home decor. Yeah, I know... who would have thought!

A sweet friend of mine has asked that I help her decorate her beautiful home and I'm going show her a bunch of things that she can order on Amazon for her shelves, counters, walls, mantle, etc. I CANNOT WAIT! As I have started looking for things for her home, I found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole into the vastness of home decor available on Amazon - I have listed a bunch of things here and in my new Shop tab on the blog






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