Casual Friday

This week has been full of dreaming and planning our projects for the rest of the year as well as wrapping up long lingering projects such as the backyard fence (seriously so close) and some trim paint in the living room that has been put off for two years (I have no excuse except that I despise painting). 

1. I recently ordered my first pair of glasses from Warby Parker (I bought this pair in Whiskey Tortoise) and it was seriously the best experience! If you are in need of new prescription glasses or sunglasses, you can go to their website or mobile app to pick 5 pair that they will send you for FREE to try on at home. After you have picked your favorite pair, send the whole box back (again, for FREE). Log into your account on their website, select your favorite frames and upload a photo of your current prescription. You will have your custom glasses mailed to your door in about 10 days or so. Definitely give it try!

2. John and I are trying to make a conscious effort to eat more dark, leafy green (because adulting) and we are kind of obsessed with this easy and delicious salad (recipe curtesy of my awesome sister-in-law, Karen) - Spinach or spring mix, fine chopped red onion, roasted and shelled pistachios, dried cranberries, and real-deal grated parmesan cheese (this is not the time for Kraft cheese in a can with a shelf life of like 8 years). Throw it all in a bowl and lightly toss with this White Balsamic Citrus Basil dressing. Delish - thanks, Karen! 

3. You may have seen my stories earlier this week but I threw some fresh white paint up on our fireplace mantle and man-oh-man it made such a difference! I don't think that our fireplace ever had a real coat of paint since the house was built and sprayed with builder-grade flat paint. I was inspired to grab my paint brush after reading Chris Loves Julia's recent blog post about their side entrance refresh with a quart of paint and a new light sconce. They also have a great podcast that is both helpful and encouraging to do projects yourself (they are also hilarious!). Here are a few of my favorite outdoor fixtures that I'm considering for our house:

4. I ordered a couple new beautiful pillow covers from Thimble & Cloth and I CANNOT WAIT to get those in the mail next week! Ekk! Lindy makes these gorgeous mud cloth pillows with linen backing and a gold zipper at such an affordable price. Linen, gold hardware, affordable - sounds to me like it's a win win win!

5. Benjamin Moore has issued their Color of the Year 2018 and it’s coming in hot! Caliente AF-290 is “strong, radiant and full of energy” just like the perfect shade of red lipstick. Here's a quick little video introducing next year's color of the year:

I love how grey, black, white, oak and natural greenery look with Caliente. Where in your home would you add this bold, confident red? These next photos are sourced from Benjamin Moore and give some great inspiration for how to incorporate Caliente in your home:

This weekend, we plan to finish the fence gates and spend time with family. We are also finishing up a Netflix marathon with my parents - they had never watched Stranger Things! We are catching them up so that they will be ready for season 2 airing October 27th! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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