2018 Project Goals

Happy New Year, friends! It’s a brand new year and with that comes a fresh list of house projects that we have been dreaming about and planning diligently. Generally, 2017 was the year of more cosmetic updates - I think we painted just about every surface in the house: nearly every wall, the kitchen island, the fireplace mantle, the banister going up the stairs, windows, and the front door. The big project was the fence in our backyard. We are planning on 2018 being a bit more, shall we say, dramatic! It will be a year of firsts and learning as we go. Here’s a list of what we have planned for 2018!

1. Master Bathroom

There is a reason that I do not post any photos of our master bathroom. It is definitely, hands down, my least favorite room in our house and the time has come to do something about it! Like, really, THE CARPET HAS GOT TO GO. I will say that they only redeeming quality is that this bathroom does have nice natural light. I think I can work with that.

We have plans for a new tiled shower (or insert), glass shower door, tile on the floor, and a new vanity. We have never tackled a renovation project quite this daunting before but we are so motivated to get in there and get it done! Planning to have this room overhauled in the first quarter. Here are a couple designs by Brooke Wagner Design that are giving me all the feels! I really love the bright, white, clean, airy design.

2. Landscaping 

If you have been following the blog for a little while, we had major water damage a year and a half ago (that post here). Part of fixing that plumbing issue resulted in us having to rip out most of our front landscaping to dig up the yard to repair the clean-out pipe. Since then, the front yard has been pretty boring and lacking curb appeal. That’s going to change this year! We have plans for new bushes, flowers and mulch. Planning on landscaping this Spring when the weather warms up. 


3. Fireplace built-ins

I introduced this project at the end of 2017 (here’s that post), but we ran out of time to finish it before the holiday’s. I didn’t want our main living space to be a construction zone on Christmas morning. Ya know? So, the built-ins on both sides of the fireplace will happen this year. Not sure exactly when we will start this project but I’m thinking sometime in the first half of the year. I’m so excited to style those bad boys!

4. Deck in the Backyard

This is definitely a “want” rather than a “need” but it is something that we both really, REALLY want. We love spending time outside with friends and family so it will be good to have an outdoor living space in which to entertain. We just about have the plans finished up - this will be a Spring/Summer project so that we have as many months as we can to enjoy it before next winter.

5. Carpet Upstairs

This is way overdue. Hindsight, I wish that we had new carpet installed before we moved in. Whatever - that’s water under the bridge. Carpet is not super exciting but it is super necessary upstairs. And to be completely honest, I’m more than a little intimidated about picking out a carpet color/texture. Hopefully, during the process, I’ll pick up some tips and advice to share with you. 

2018 will be a busy year, for sure. These are the main projects that we plan tackle, but, I’m sure there will be a few other things that we add to the project queue along the way. Hope you’re just as excited as we are! What projects are you going to tackle in 2018? 

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