How to Style Coffee Table Books + A Round Up of My Favorites

How to Style Coffee Table Books + A Round Up of My Favorites

We all know that we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but when it comes to coffee table books, I definitely do. Using books to style coffee tables, shelves, end tables and nightstands is kind of my go-to design element in a room because it is practical AND pretty!

I use a small stack of books to add height variation to an otherwise flat surface and to add dimension, texture and color. Similar to using wall art as an expression of your style, coffee table books tell a story and share memories through sight, touch, and even smell (you know that old book smell). I have several old books that belonged to my grandparents that they collected along the way as well as some of my own books, too. Pretty pages, color schemes, new recipes, architecture, pop art, historical artifacts, graphic designs, textiles, and travel are some of the topics that I look for in a coffee table book.

Just as much as I love to use books to style a room, I really love to learn new things. John can attest to this - I'm always researching something; the history of an old building in town, learning more about something from a documentary, researching a better way to complete a task, finding a new product, looking for recipes, troubleshooting my fiddle leaf fig tree issues (we've all been there), or reading more about someone's life. Coffee table books are a great way to learn more about a topic while enjoying interesting photos, too.

Here's some styling inspiration for using coffee table books around the house! (Click on the image for source.)

I have a couple of these copies and the rest have been added to my wish list. Which of these covers are your favorite? What are some of your other favorite design books? 

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