A Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Home

Anyone who knows me knows that I love our Home. I would rather spend money on something for the house than for myself ANY day! Whenever I walk into Target, I skip the clothes, shoes and beauty aisles and make a bee-line for the home decor section. Home is a big deal to all of us. But Home is not just four walls and a roof.

Home is where you are most vulnerable. It’s where you can be your at your best and at your worst. Home is about resting and being restful (yes, there is a difference). Home is a gathering place for friends and family - a place to make wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Just like you’re closest friend, Home gives so much to us and others - day in and day out - so why not give it a present for Valentine’s Day, too? Because, after all, we really love our Home! 

I made it easy for you to shop all of these products from our Home by clicking on the image thumbnail. Show your Home some love this Valentine's Day with a little gift that says "I love you, too!"






Emily WardComment