The Linen Closet is Finally Organized!

All it took was $35 dollars and 1 hour. That’s all! My goodness, why did it take me so long to clean up and organize our linen closet?! This is the perfect quick little project that you can do this weekend (or tonight) and feel good about it every time you open the closet for a bath towel or wash cloth. 

I started out by actually taking a picture of my current linen closet. You know how sometimes you can become “nose blind” to certain smells (was that a Febreeze commercial?). Well, sometimes, I can become blind to my own mess! It helps me be objective when I step back and look at a photo of the mess rather than the mess itself. 

Figure out what needs to be organized and think of a solution for getting it cleaned up. For example, wash cloths and medicine can go in baskets (I bought 6 of these baskets). Towels can be refolded and stacked neatly. Sheets can be folded and stacked in sets to avoid mismatched beds. Here’s a video to help you fold that seemingly impossible fitted “jellyfish” sheet.

And, most importantly, remove any and all crap that doesn’t belong in the linen closet. I found an Easter egg dying kit, a couple mechanical pencils, bottles of dried up nail polish, a few foreign coins, and a pack of puppy potty training pads. I know. I’m rolling my eyes too. 

Put your bath towels on the prime real estate shelf where they are easy to grab and go. Pick a shelf for the neatly folded sheets and whatever else you deem essential. For us, this includes light bulbs and medicine. Throw away all medicine that has expired and put everything that you are keeping in a basket on the top shelf. Fill in the gaps with beach towels, table cloths, extra toilet paper and a basket that is specifically designated for miscellaneous things like extension cords. 

Take a step back and make sure that everything is looking good. Rearrange stacks of towels and baskets as necessary. And ta-da! In under an hour, you have just eliminated one more area of visual stress from your life. You should probably reward yourself with a glass of wine.

I'm considering painting the inside of this closet white to brighten it up since there is no light inside the closet. What are your thoughts? Are you going to clean out and organize your linen closet this weekend? Go for it! 

Emily WardComment