Amazon Finds: Planters & Pots

The design of indoor planters and pots have come a long way, allowing for green thumbs of all shades to incorporate stylish plants in every room in their home. They look great on a bookshelf, in a corner by an arm chair or even on the kitchen counter. Picking the right pot for the plant and for the design of your home does not have to be overwhelming.

Amazon Finds: Planters & Pots

Indoor planters and pots do not need to be as weather hardy as outdoor planters, however, good drainage is absolutely vital to the survival of your plant. When choosing a planter (or three) for a room, keep an eye out for designs that have a drip pan so that your plants don't get "wet feet" or sit in water. I nearly killed my newest fiddle leaf fig because I didn't realize that it was sitting in an inch of water. You can give your plant good drainage by filling the bottom of the pot with wine corks or, my favorite trick, by filling the bottom of the planter with cut sections of a pool noodle floaty. Both options will keep the pot from getting too heavy while allowing for water to drain out of the soil. You can also use these tricks for outdoor planters!

 Aside from just the functional components of an indoor planter, pick a design that fits with the overall decor in your home. I pulled together 25 of my favorite affordable planters and pots from Amazon that are sure to add texture and visual interest to your home.

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If I had to pick, I'd say that my favorites are #'s 1, 8 10, 13, 18 & 21. They are all so unique and that's what I like in home decor - things that you don't see everyday on Instagram or Pinterest. Which are some of your favorites? 

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