Backyard Deck Plan and Moodboard

It's no secret that John and I love spending time outside, especially when entertaining friends and family! We have dreamed for years about building a large deck off of the back of our house. A place where we can enjoy coffee in the morning, drinks and dinner al fresco and sit around a fire pit and enjoy the more mild months of the year. 


Last week, We broke ground on making our dream come to fruition! We currently have a 10x10 concrete patio pad right off the back kitchen door that is much too small for our dining table and chairs, much less the grill or anything else.


We are going to cover the existing pad and extend the deck to be a whopping 16x20! John poured concrete footers for support, framed out the parameter and will start installing the joists this week. 


It's hard work but the whole project is pretty straight forward and simple. Check out my DIY Deck stories highlighted on my Instagram to follow along with the construction process. 


As exciting as it is to watch this monster come to life in our backyard, I am mostly excited about styling the deck with outdoor furniture to make it a comfortable outdoor living room. My plan is to have a living/lounging area, a dining area and a fire pit area (next to the deck). I think it's important to break up a large deck with a couple of "zones" so that everyone is comfortable whether that be in the larger living area or off to the side for more intimate conversation. 

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Like I mentioned earlier, my goal is to have "zones" of conversation where everyone can feel comfortable - a dining zone, lounging zone and the fire pit zone. Here are a few inspiration photos that have me so giddy excited to see out deck come to life:

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