Throw Pillow Combos That Are Easy and Affordable

I love how swapping out throw pillows can completely change the vibe of a room. One of my good friends asked me the other day to help her curate some pillows for her sectional sofa. Um, YES! She said that she has been looking for some affordable pillows that would look good grouped together but she wasn’t sure where to start.


I think a lot of people feel this way when it comes to styling throw pillows together. To be completely honest, it’s not as daunting a task as it seems (although the goal is to make it look more difficult than it really is). By sticking to a couple of guidelines, you can confidently update your throw pillow collection like a pro:

  1. Pick a simple color scheme and stick to it.

  2. When mixing patterns, be sure to change up the scale of the pattern (include small scale and large scale patterns).

  3. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a stripe, a solid and a pattern. Those three are the mirepoix of textiles (you know, that perfect culinary trio of onions, celery and carrots). They are better together than as stand-alone design ingredients.

  4. I prefer to use feather pillow inserts with my pillow covers. They hold up great, fluff up nicely and aren’t as expensive as you might think. These are my favorite. (Bonus tip: always buy your inserts one size larger than the size of your pillow cover. Ex: If your cover is 20 x 20 in., purchase a 22 x 22 in. insert.)

It’s really that simple! To get you started thinking about mixing patterns, textures and colors, I have put together 5 pillow combos that coordinate with dark, leather and light sofas and a few notes below each selection to help you style them on your sofa, bed or bench.

You can shop these pillow combos by clicking directly on the images below.

Combo #1 // When you are starting with a dark sofa, I like to begin layering with a light throw pillow in the corner and then layer the other colors and textures in front. Start with a grouping of three in one corner and then a grouping of two in the other corner. The lumbar pillow would be nestled in front of one of your groupings.

Combo #2 // I love a beautiful, cognac leather sofa! They seem to only get better with time as they patina. Sticking to my general guidelines mentioned above, I would begin with lighter colored pillows in the corners and then build groupings in front: three pillows on one side and two on the other. Just make sure to have variation in the scale (size) of your patterns. For example, I would not group the black/white pillow with the tan/ivory pillow because the scale of these patterns is too similar. Keep those two on opposite sides of the sofa.

Combo #3 // I love this color scheme! It seems warm and fresh all at the same time. In this combo, the navy, clay and black pillows are your “solids” and your “stripes” and I love how they pair nicely with the floral and star “patterned” pillows. Again, keep in mind the scale of the floral and star prints - keep those two visually separated on the sofa.

Combo #4 // Pretty for Spring, this floral combo would be the perfect refresh for the season! Personally, I really love the green, blue, neutral and floral mix. I may have to incorporate this combo for Spring in my living room!

Combo #5 // This neutral blush pillow is one of my favorites in this whole post. It’s $12, cotton canvas, comes in a bunch of colors, has the cutest large tassels and is perfect to move around to different rooms in the house. Best of all, I love how it mixes with the other neutrals and patterns to create a fresh combo for Spring. Same rules as earlier apply for styling this combo. I would group the blush and tan pillows together on one side of the sofa and then on the other side, group the floral and ivory stripe together with the navy lumbar in front to create a trio with the floral and stripe.

See? Arranging and styling throw pillows does not need to be difficult - have fun with it and change it up often! You can totally do this yourself. Which of these pillows and/or combos are your favorites?

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