Affordable Dining Tables and Chairs for a Modern Home Design

When we first bought our home almost 3 years ago, we didn't have a lot of furniture. We were coming from a small apartment with a bed, 2 nightstands, a love seat , coffee table and a small kitchen table. I scoured the internet for deals on a dining table that would be large enough to fill the room and at a price that we could swallow. I found a large formal dining table (seated 8!) on Craigslist for a steal and was not too far from our house - we snatched it up! This was my first taste of estate sale shopping.


I felt such a sense of accomplishment for finding a set of furniture that met our needs (entertaining friends and family, especially for our annual Friendsgiving dinner) and that filled up the dining room nicely. I had always planned on stripping and painting the table in kind of a shabby chic antiqued look. The longer we kept the table, the less inclined I was to paint it - my taste had changed! This beautiful table was no longer the right style to eclectically integrate into our increasingly modern home decor. And that's totally ok! 

Sometimes, people hold onto things in their home that no longer meet their needs or design style simply because they spent money on those things years ago. There can be a financial attachment to things as well as an sentimental attachment. I'm trying to learn to not be so attached to things in these ways (especially of the sentimental variety). I can be quite nostalgic.

We recently sold our dining set on Facebook Marketplace to make room for a table and chairs that are better suited to the style of our home. Have you sold anything that way before? It’s pretty slick - like a virtual garage sale for people who are local to you. Anyway, I have been looking at several dining tables and chairs online that are affordable alternatives to some of the high dollar options that I really love. 

Would you like to see what I found?! You can click right on the images below for sources.

We haven't pulled the trigger and bought a new table and chairs yet, but you better believe I'll let you know when we do!