What's In My Shopping Cart: Deals on Pillows, Furniture & Decor

Are you an impulsive shopper? Not me - I like to think it over, do research and read reviews, and carefully make a decision. For example, it took me 20 minutes to consider all the shades of lipstick in the brand I wanted before settling on one. Even then, I walked out of the store empty handed because, let's be real, I really don't need another lipstick. The same goes for shopping for things for my home. I think and mull it over for a while (sometimes for weeks!) before pulling the trigger. So you know that when I find something worth telling you about, it's something that I have given a lot of thought!

I am starting new series on things that are currently in my shopping cart from various retailers. Mostly home decor, furniture and accessories with a few other miscellaneous items, too - however the sales sway me! Today, I wanted to share with you my current favorite throw pillows, furniture and decor items that are in my shopping cart.

I'm not really sure why, but curating throw pillows for sofas and beds is really hard for me. I haven't really figured out why this doesn't come easier with time (I sure look at enough textiles everyday). Maybe it's because a particular color pallet of pillows can change the direction of a design utterly and completely (which can be a positive or negative thing) and it's hard for me to commit to a design direction - I love so many styles!! All of these pillows are under $30 for a 20x20 size (my preferred size) - in fact, most are under $20! Spend $6 at Ikea for a nice down feather pillow insert and you're good to go! Click through the photos to shop the direct links.

When function meets form, that's the sweet spot in home design. I'm always looking for ways to make closets and drawers better organized and function better for our lifestyle. Right now, I've been thinking of ways to make our coat closet better organized. Since this space under our stairs doubles as a storage closet for cleaning supplies like my Bona mop, vacuum cleaner and dog food, I found these Command broom grips to keep things tidy and off the ground. This is my inspiration (source via). 


When I first saw this bookshelf DIYed by Jenny Komenda for her Gentry Project living room design, I knew that this would be a great addition to our living room. I love how she painted the shelves white to contrast with the iron frame! I originally planned to build built-ins on both sides of our fireplace. For the time being, that project is going to be put on hold. With our bathroom still under construction and our excitement to build a deck in our backyard, it will be nice to have a break from all the saw dust. The bookshelf is 30% off right now making it a great time to pounce! 


Here are a few more furniture pieces that would be great for an indoor or outdoor living space. With our deck project in the near future, some of these outdoor pieces will most likely find their way home like this $35 fire wood rack and those $27 black windsor chairs! Seriously, what a deal!

Small decor items can either clutter a design or they can really round out the space with interest, texture and visual interest. Here are a few of my current favorites. I love the African glass beads and that brass eye shaped magnifying glass (perfect to lay on top of a stack of coffee table books or on a console table). These are the coolest modern terracotta vases! Perfect for that bookshelf I mentioned earlier. You can give your Green Thumb a rest with this great quality faux fiddle leaf fig tree that requires no watering at all! 

Send me pictures of what you end up getting! I love seeing how you lovely creative people style your homes. Thanks for reading and happy sale shopping!

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