Backyard Reno: Making Progress on Framing the Supports for the Fence!

Inevitably, when you start a house project, life happens. Expect delays in your timeline. In our case, we made a calculation error and didn't have quite enough lumbar delivered to our house (gonna have to call up our buddies at Lowes for more pickets - feels like we should be on a first name basis now). Also, since the last Backyard Reno post, John has been traveling for work and we endured hurricane Irma that slammed into Florida and up the Southeastern coast (we had rain and lots of wind here but no major damage - thank you Jesus!). Anyways, we are back on track now and planning to work hard this weekend.

Backtracking just a couple days here, but do you remember that huge pile of mulch that we chipped from the juniper bushes that John removed? That post is linked here. John spread that mulch down where he had removed the bushes. This will help keep weeds down behind the fence and will help to return nutrients to our very depleted soil.

Fast forward to the end of last week (before the storm). John has started to frame out the fence with the boards that will support the fence pickets. The best way to join the picket supports to the fence posts is to drive a screw at an angle through the support board into the fence post with what is called a "toe nail." It's quick, effective and and coming right along! 


Weather permitting, we are planning on finishing these supports this weekend and possibly even begin to attach the pickets! We also get to attend John's cousin's wedding in Asheville today so that's gonna be a blast! What are your plans for the weekend? 

Emily WardComment