Affordable Area Rugs that Complete Your Room

Area rugs are important in just about every room in your house. This is because they ground the space and set you up for a really cohesive overall room design. You can go more neutral or more bold, solid or patterned, but, whatever your flavor, the rug sets the tone for the rest of the room design. Now the hard part… picking one. (blerg!)

Picking an area rug has always been so hard for me! It’s like when you look at a box of puppies and they are all SO cute and fluffy and happy and looking at you like “Pick me! Take me home with you! I’ll be so snuggly and make you happy every time you look at me!” And then you have to pick only one and leave all the others behind. Yeah, that’s the kind of pit in my stomach that drops when I shop for a new rug.

Guess what... 

Picking out an area rug doesn't have to be this heart wrenching. 

When I am shopping for an area rug, it must meet 3 requirements. It must be attractive, cozy under bare feet and AFFORDABLE.

After you have found a rug with the perfect pattern and color scheme, there is one thing that should not be over looked: SIZE. The biggest issue people run into when looking for the perfect area rug for their space is that they pick rugs that are just too darn small for the space. This will dwarf your room and make it feel like there is “something missing” from the design. The rug grounds the space and gives depth perception to the entire room. So here are a couple tips:

  1. The 12-18 Inch Rule. I try to follow the guideline that rugs should fill the room so that they are 12-18 inches away from the walls. This ensures that you are utilizing the entire space for the design to create a grounded and intentional space.
  2. The 2 Legs Rule. At least 2 of the 4 legs of furniture should be on the rug. This rule goes for layering rugs under beds, too! A rug that is too small can also make your furniture look out of proportion to the rest of the room and create a disjointed feeling. Having 2 legs on the rug will make the design flow better, trust me!

Keep these couple of tips in mind when you are looking for an area rug and your space will look like a million bucks! Now go and treat yo’self to somethin’ pretty! Here are several affordable rugs (most are under $250 for an 8x10) that I just love and wanted to share with you: